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What is the difference between PrintCSS Cloud and other HTML to PDF APIs?

Other HTML to PDF APIs usually use a headless Chromium (Puppeteer) with minimal CSS Paged Media support. Some of them support the @page rule and nothing else. We support most of the features defined in CSS Paged Media. Running Headers and Footers This feature is supported by two of the three rendering...

Is my data secure? How long are you storing my data?

The data transferred via the API does not get stored but is processed at the request's time. The data will be removed as soon as the PDF has been delivered. The resulting PDF is stored on our servers on asynchronous requests until you pick it up via the REST API; otherwise, it is only embedded in th...

Why would I use your API instead of installing the tools myself?

You can, of course, use any of these rendering tools on your servers. However, installation and maintenance of such applications can be time and cost-consuming. PrintCSS Cloud helps save efforts and costs through its end-to-end functionality, which comes packaged in economically priced packages that...

Are you available for template creation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide that service at the moment. However, please post your requests, and we will try to accommodate them.